Hydrogen is the future
Welcome a new energy renaissance fueled by hydrogen – a clean, affordable and safe energy that can be easily produced in unlimited quantities on demand

Hydrogen is the future
Say goodbye to dirty, deadly sources of power.

Hydrogen is the future
Welcome a new energy renaissance fueled by hydrogen – a clean, affordable and safe energy that can be easily produced in unlimited quantities on demand.

We need to make a change – fast

The Energy Renaissance Hydrogen Generator will provide clean fuel for electricity and transport, while saving end users at least 50% on energy costs.

Something needs to change – fast. And that’s just what Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator will help us do.

Cleaner, cheaper and easily available in unlimited supplies, hydrogen is the fuel of the future. Our future.

Hydrogen output certificates by EPA certified gas testers

Hydrogen generator output was measured by the best in the business. The gas output tests were performed by TRC Solutions, Airkinetics Inc. and Horizon Air Measurement Services Inc.

The companies are State Of California and EPA certified, operate nationwide and their clients include energy bluechips and leading utility companies.

TRC is a leading nationwide engineering company employing over 4000 technical staff. TRC purchased General Electric’s Air Emissions Testing business in 2013. TRC Solutions conducted input/output tests on the hydrogen generator in accordance with EPA standards.

AirKinetics, EPA certified, is a leading nationwide provider of emissions testing services to industry and government since 1995. AirKinetics conducted input/output tests on the hydrogen generator in accordance with EPA standards.

Horizon Air Measurement Services, EPA certified as tester, is a leading gas testing company in USA. Horizon Air Measurement Services conducted input/output tests on the hydrogen generator in accordance with EPA standards.

Why is hydrogen power our future?

Hydrogen is easy to produce – generators produce unlimited amounts of hydrogen on demand. When burned it releases energy and produces water (no green house gasses).
Hydrogen is convenient – hydrogen can be produced in unlimited quantities on demand wherever it is needed, eliminating the need for expensive and risky transportation and distribution fossil fuels require.
Hydrogen is versatile – hydrogen can be used for electricity or heat and can power everything from buildings, homes and transport to electrical power plants and factories.
Our hydrogen is cheap – the Energy Renaissance generator produces hydrogen that will save users up to 50% on electricity, and 90% on fossil fuels.
Hydrogen is clean – a clean fuel, hydrogen turns to water when burned and will help to end oil spills, contamination, smog and reverse the effects of climate change.
Hydrogen is safe – unlike fracking, extracting, transporting and burning fossil fuels or nuclear power, hydrogen poses no risk to us or the environment.

How hydrogen, the power of the future, is produced

How it works

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We need water solution, metal plates and a small amount of electricity.

A generator produces
hydrogen on demand

Hydrogen releases energy that can power fuel cells, hydrogen engines, turbines and boilers

These technologies can power 98% of all applications that need energy

If we don’t make a change soon, old, deadly fuels will kill our planet and us.

Time is running out

  • The air we breathe is killing us – air pollution results in 7 million premature deaths every year, and more than 30% of air pollutants are from oil-derived fuels.
  • Oil spills turn water into poison – every year, millions of gallons of oil is leaked into our limited water supply, contaminating thousands of billions of gallons of water, killing millions of wildlife, contaminating our food chain and devastating regions for decades.
  • We’re driving ourselves to death – pollution from cars is poisoning the air, leading to terrifying diseases, painful suffering and crippling future generations.
  • The oil industry is making us ill – chemicals used in the oil industry are connected with dozens of chronic and terminal illnesses: Benzene causes leukemia, breast and urinary tract cancers, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons is linked to low birth weight, adverse birth outcomes including heart malformations and DNA damage, and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) is connected to heart attacks and lung cancer.
  • Natural gas is dangerous – natural gas releases the majority of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) into the atmosphere, resulting in heart attacks and lung cancer.
  • Fracking is polluting our water – during fracking, millions of gallons of chemicals are injected into the ground, directly polluting our groundwater supply.
  • Fracking causes cancer – according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the millions of pounds of Crystalline Silica used in fracking causes incurable lung disease. Radon, the second largest cause of lung cancer in the U.S. after cigarette smoking, is also released into the water and air during fracking. And the Formaldehyde used is linked to leukemia, spontaneous abortions, congenital malformations, low birth weights, and infertility.
  • Coal is destroying our planet – coal-fired power plants are responsible for over 80% of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) pollution – the leading cause of climate change, deadly weather patterns, droughts, hurricanes and floods.
  • Coal is the dirtiest fuel – fossil fuel combustion yields over 100 million tons of waste each year, which leak into the water supply in USA, China and India. Pollution from coal causes 1 million premature deaths annually.
  • Coal releases radioactive waste – coal plants release 100 times more radioactive waste via fly ash waste than nuclear power plants. Over time, these compounds destroy living organisms from the inside out resulting, for some people, in a painful death sentence.
  • Coal is killing our children – coal is killing millions of us through leukemia, breast cancer, urinary tract cancers, lung cancer, heart attacks, pulmonary edema, chronic lung disease and asthma, childhood asthma, low birth weight, adverse birth outcomes including heart malformations, DNA damage, loss of fertility, and brain and nervous system damage.
  • Nuclear reactors are ticking time bombs – every decade, a nuclear reactor suffers a catastrophic meltdown. The last one was in Fukushima (2011). There are currently over 200 reactors in the USA, and over 400 worldwide. Which will be next?
  • Fukushima is still killing us – Chernobyl killed about 985,000 people and Fukushima is more severe, with radioactive waste even reaching the west coast and continental USA. Over the next few decades, hundreds of thousands of people and wildlife will die as a result.
  • Nuclear accidents can’t be prevented – nuclear reactors are highly complex, with intricate systems with millions of moving variables. As a result, not even the brightest engineers can prevent or foresee what could go wrong.
  • Plutonium is deadly – the average nuclear reactor has 250 kilograms of plutonium. Inhaling just one millionth of a gram is enough to cause cancer.
  • Nuclear power is expensive – nuclear power is significantly more expensive than traditional power plants – Fukishima will cost at least $100 billion to clear up, and the nuclear storage facility in Yucca Mountain (which is showing evidence of seismic activity) costs billions to maintain.
  • Nuclear waste poisons for centuries – there is already 60,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste at reactor sites in USA. This will remain deadly for one 100,000 years.
  • Global warming is now an international emergency – already our planet has become 1 degree warmer. Once we reach 2 degrees, the deadly consequences of global warming will be unstoppable.
  • World leaders are finally taking it seriously – acknowledging that global warming will have profound and devastating consequences for our planet, leaders from around 140 nations came together at the United Nations Paris Climate Change Conference COP21 to agree a solution.
  • Fossil fuels are causing global warming – scientists from 200 international scientific organizations agree that global warming is primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels and release of CO2 into atmosphere.
  • Weather patterns are becoming more extreme – over the past few years the world has experienced the strongest El Nino, severe flooding, stronger than usual storms and hurricanes, sudden, deadly winter freezes, and severe heat waves. This is just the beginning.
  • The US is under imminent threat – with an increase of 2 degrees, the US and the world will witness severe flooding and droughts lasting for decades. 20% to 30% of animals and plants species will be at risk of extinction and freshwater will decline by 20%. And cities such as New York and Houston will be permanently flooded.
The Energy Renaissance hydrogen generator can solve all the issues caused by the scarce dirty and dangerous fuels that are killing our wildlife, our planet and us today.

Clean and safe, hydrogen can power virtually anything that requires fuel for energy – without killing our planet and us

this can be Powered by Hydrogen Generator


Keep your home warm (or cool) and fully powered for less with a small hydrogen generator.

Commercial business centers

Keep downtown eco-friendly clean by powering business districts with hydrogen.


Easily adapted for use in cars, hydrogen means guilt-free travel.

Ships, boats and yachts

Power ships by hydrogen and remove the catastrophic environmental risk of deadly oil spills.


Hydrogen generators can keep trucks on the road for the long haul.


Replace dirty diesel with hydrogen for cleaner and more energy-efficient railways.

Factories and industrial centers

Hydrogen keeps factories in business with heat, electricity and power for machinery.


Entire cities can be heated using hydrogen – without relying on dirty fossil fuels or risky nuclear power.

Super markets

Indulge in guilt-free shopping at eco-friendly, hydrogen-powered supermarkets.


Hydrogen can be used to power the world’s data centers.

Island communities
Electrical powerplants

Eradicate the smog and air pollution that plagues countries like USA and China by replacing coal-fired power plants with cleaner hydrogen.